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Hello WoodLovers!!

As a result of our commitment to the environment and the search for sustainability, at ErgoNatureWood we started a collaboration with Plant for the Planet Spain.

The Plant for the Planet Spain Foundation is part of the international initiative Plant for the Planet created in 2007 by Felix Finkbeiner in Germany and present today in more than 71 countries.

More than 75,000 children and young people are part of the Network of Ambassadors for Climate Justice.

The objective of Plant for the Planet is to reach 1 trillion (American) trees reforested worldwide in areas that are especially critical to the environment to achieve CO2 reductions. As well as training children in workshops to be ambassadors of this change, knowing that the first step for change is in people.

Today, June 5, World Environment Day, we begin our collaboration with the reforestation of the Plant for the Planet project in the Doñana area. We have already made an initial contribution, and we would like our clients to be part of this collaboration. during the purchase process.

When purchasing your ErgoNaturewood desk, table or board, you can add 1 tree for the Doñana reforestation project or you can add as many trees as you want (€5 each tree), either in your purchase process, by contacting us or entering directly on the Plant for the Planet Spain website. For each contribution from our clients, we will donate 1 more tree to the foundation.

At ErgoNatureWood we only sell solid wood that comes from sustainable logging or controlled logging, but our goal is to plant 4 to 8 times more wood than is necessary for a desk, and partially minimize the CO2 of manufacturing and transportation.

Climate neutrality is a complex and ambitious goal, but it should not be an excuse to avoid taking steps towards it.

We want to start this journey and we want you, as a customer of our products, to be encouraged to collaborate with this global project, either through us or directly with the global or state initiative.

Today is World Environment Day, and we want to be part of it, cheer up!!!

Plant for the Planet Doñana Project



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