Hello!!! ErgoNatureWood is born!!!

Hello World, Hello World!!!!, with this blog entry, the first of many, we become visible for the first time and we inaugurate our eCommerce, ErgoNatureWood is born.

We are a couple passionate about wood and quality products, tired of not finding the product we liked, we decided to dedicate ourselves to creating it and why not share it to make it our lifestyle.

We are also passionate about work, that's why we like to work in a comfortable environment that takes care of our body (as far as possible). The day to day does not have to be a punishment for your body, right? That is why we have searched and searched to obtain an ideal product for day to day, ergonomic and with a perfect, beautiful finish that decorates, a product as if it were for us, and as if we were going to work with it, day after day.

We are committed to the environment, which is why we look for quality suppliers, with products that meet all European standards, of the European Union, and with wood that comes from controlled and sustainable felling, minimizing natural impact as much as possible.

Wood is to be enjoyed, there is nothing more beautiful than wood with marks, be it from work, leisure, life, wood tells a story, that's why we want our products to be with you for a looooong time, so you don't you have to worry about nothing and for you to enjoy it.

Let your story begin to be marked in one of our products, in your company, in your office, in the office, at home... the work office is here to stay, and elevating desks are the present, and wood is your best partner.

Let us be part of your story and take a step towards ergonomics.

We are ErgoNatureWood

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