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Kitchen bar in solid natural wood

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The kitchen is a very special space, practically the room where we spend the most time and the ones we like to take care of the most. Decorate your kitchen with a half-height natural wood bar , where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a coffee or tea.

Relax on your high stool, next to your bar and enjoy its colors and the grain of your favorite wood.

Give warmth to your kitchen with a beautiful solid wood kitchen bar, and do not suffer if it is delicate or not, remember that our woods are a minimum of 3cm thick , so even if you give it a hard time in the kitchen, mark it , liquids fall... don't worry, they are varnished, and unlike other plastic materials, wood can be sanded and varnished as many times as you want, leaving it as new with very little effort.

Buy durable and sustainable materials, avoid using and throwing away!!!

If you can't find your size, don't worry, we've put some indicative measurements, ask us! All our products are made to measure and the price only varies depending on the wood needed, so ask us exactly what you need.

And if you want to accompany your bar with a plinth, ask us too.

* Photos of natural cherry wood bar *