Deco Fixed Frame
Our decorative steel legs are a great choice for stationary desks.
If you are looking for a fixed-height desk that decorates your space with elegance and sobriety, our Deco white or black steel leg is a great option to accompany your solid natural wood desk.
Check all the technical details in the link below.
full frame details

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Natural Wood Table - Red Oak - Frame Deco Quality

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Red Oak is the foundation of our Quality natural wood range. Who does not know the oak? Red Oak gets its name from the tree's bark, but its color is medium yellowish and often has a slight reddish cast. Its veining is soft and marbled, but marked, giving it a unique beauty.

If you are looking for a resistant, durable, beautiful, and consolidated table / desk, oak is the balance of the sought-after quality-price. With a thickness of 3cm worthy of this solid wood. Also available in 4cm (ask for price).

Can't find the size you need? , you need a specific measure, a smaller, larger, 180x80, 200x80 solid wood desk. Do not hesitate, contact us. We work to order, any natural wood and solid wood on the market, beyond our catalogue, so we will help you find what you are looking for.