Office Fixed Frame
Our fixed-height steel desk frame, from the same manufacture as our lift-up frame. Manufactured to give good stability, anchorage and to withstand a hard day to day with any of our natural wood tops. A sober and functional option, with all the comfort and adjustment of a professional desk, but without height adjustment, with a fixed height of about 80cm depending on the thickness of the wood of the top that accompanies it.
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Natural Wood Table - Sabina- Frame Office Premium

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Are you looking for a natural wood table / desk with character? That is different? Solid Sabina or Juniper wood is a very special wood, with irregular and marked veining, with reddish tones that contrast with cream tones. Very hard and resistant, well cared for, it can last for centuries.

If you like to spend hours in front of your table / desk, why not do it reflecting your work or leisure about an admirable wood You will never tire of this wood, and its beauty is something that will not go unnoticed in your office or home. Get yourself a work of art, each piece is unique. Very complicated to work we managed to serve it in thickness of 3cm . Consult with us the delivery times, since they can be delayed due to their complexity of preparation and perfect finish.

Can't find the size you need? , You need a specific size, a smaller, larger, 180x80, 200x80 solid wood desk. Do not hesitate, contact us. We work to order, any natural wood and solid wood on the market, beyond our catalogue, so we will help you find what you are looking for.